WATCH: ‘Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow is Invited to a Dinner Party by Seth Meyers

By April 7, 2015

Chances are that if you’re a fan of HBO’s highly popular fantasy series “Game of Thrones,” you’re counting down the days until April 12th, when the fifth season premieres on the cable channel. A lot of high-profile celebrities are also fans of the show, and some have chosen to express that excitement in really fun ways that can be shared with everyone. One of those fans? The host of NBC’s “Late Night,” Seth Meyers.

In the video, actor Kit Harrington reprises his role as the bastard son of Ned Stark, in full Night’s Watch costume, as he feebly attempts to make small talk at a formal dinner party while managing to depress everyone in attendance. Warning the attended partygoers about the White Walkers and the approaching winter in a completely straight-faced way definitely makes this an enjoyable watch, especially for longtime fans of the acclaimed series.

See it below:

The show’s melodrama is certainly one of its best and most defining elements, but it’s definitely refreshing to see that the show and its actors are open to having a little bit of fun with the very dark material they have to work with more often than not. Harrington does a pretty phenomenal job in keeping entirely in tone with his character from the show, but still embracing the comedy by playing it completely straight. When placing all of the loss and heartbreak in the context of the mundanity of the real world, it’s really funny, and the shocks and horrors of Jon Snow’s life are given an edge of ridiculousness, made all the more enjoyable by Harrington’s performance.

“Game of Thrones” season 5 premieres on April 12th.

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Chris Clow
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  • Mikey Silva

    Haha funny stuff.. Fair play to him for doing it! 🙂

  • Thomas Kelly

    LOL, so awkward, I would never invite Jon Snow to a dinner party