Watch: Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning Are Up to No Good in ‘Night Moves’ Trailer

By March 28, 2014

“God knows that dam wants to come down.”

If you’re at all familiar with filmmaker Kelly Reichardt, you know that she doesn’t typically go for big movements in her steadily building films. The Wendy & Lucy and Meek’s Cutoff director knows a thing or two about tension — namely, that it takes time to really work — and her latest film is a master class in putting the screws to both its audience and its characters.

Dakota Fanning, Jesse Eisenberg, and Peter Sarsgaard star in the film, which has a relatively simple plotline that’s just rife with potential problems. The trio are all dedicated environmentalists, and they hatch a plan to blow up a local dam to both stick it to big industry and maybe start a wider revolution. Their plan is mostly well thought out — they seem to know what they are doing — but a series of small problems puts them on edge early. It doesn’t feel right. Something is wrong. Maybe they shouldn’t do it.

And, well, they shouldn’t have done it, because as is so often the case with good plans, something huge goes amiss, throwing the trio into turmoil, striking up some infighting, and steadily dismantling what seemed like a rock solid plan and partnership. It’s all pretty unnerving, and it’s quite finely wrought.

The first trailer debuted this morning, which you can check out below. And, although it appears that this trailer gives away a lot, I can personally guarantee that it really doesn’t. There’s so much more in the film.


Night Moves opens on May 30.

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Kate Erbland
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