Watch Sarah Silverman’s Failed NBC Comedy Pilot ‘Susan 313’

By October 22, 2013

Susan 313 - Title

Every single season, there are a bunch of TV shows that get developed at networks and production companies and never make it to the small screen. And every now and then, some of those pilots make it online for viewers to see. While most of them end up online illegally, this time, one pilot has been approved for official release.

Last year, comedian Sarah Silverman created and starred in a potential new series called “Susan 313.” It came with some big names behind the camera with Ron Howard (director of Rush, A Beautiful Mind, and Apollo 13) producing and “The Office” director Ken Kwapis at the helm of the debut episode. However, NBC decided not to pick up the pilot to series, damning it to obscurity and leaving viewers to wonder what it would have been like.

Well, thankfully 20th Century Fox has decided to allow Silverman to release the unaired pilot on YouTube through JASH, a comedy collective featuring original content by partners like Silverman along with Michael Cera, Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim, Reggie Watts, and producer Daniel Kellison (of Jimmy Kimmel and David Letterman).

Susan 313 - Silverman and Raphael

For those who didn’t hear about the potential series last year, “Susan 313” follows Silverman as a woman who ventures out on her own after a 10-year relationship comes to an end, forcing her to move back into her old apartment and get situated back into her old life. Tig Notaro, June Diane Raphael, and Harris Wittels co-star in the series, and you just might catch a Jurassic Park star making a small but pivotal cameo.

It’s sad that NBC didn’t pick up this series, because Silverman is so charismatic, energetic, and charming. But as the comedian explains in her intro to the video, “This isn’t ‘can you believe they didn’t pick this up!’ — this isn’t that kind of posting,” so she’s not trying to create confrontation. But maybe if enough fans like it, they’ll demand that Silverman get her own show again and maybe it’ll make it to air this time. Otherwise, Silverman stars in a new HBO pilot called “People in New Jersey” so hopefully that one works out for the cable network. Watch the full pilot for “Susan 313” below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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