Watch The Other Side of Sandra Bullock’s SOS Conversation in ‘Gravity’

By November 20, 2013

Gravity has made over $500 million worldwide, so it’s a safe bet that a lot of you have seen it by now. Alfonso Cuaron directed the movie and co-wrote it with his son Jonas, but it seems Jonas wasn’t content with just co-creating one of the year’s most successful films. He also wrote and directed a companion piece to Gravity – a short film called Aningaaq – that tells the story of an Inuit fisherman on a fjord who picks up a distress call from Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) and shows that conversation from his point of view. Watch it below, thanks to THR:


It’s interesting to see how what Bullock thought was an uplifting conversation was actually about killing Aningaaq’s favorite dog – pretty bleak, but also thematically connected to Gravity with a theme about the circle of life. The Hollywood Reporter also brings word that this short could very well make Academy Award history: if Gravity is nominated for Best Picture (which is a certainty at this point) and Aningaaq is nominated for Live Action Short, this could be the first feature and spinoff short film coming from the same source material to be nominated in the same year (and the father/son aspect is pretty cool, too).

What do you think of the younger Cuaron’s short film? Let us know in the comments below.

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