Watch The Tense First Four Minutes of ‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Premiere

By February 10, 2016

Right now, The Walking Dead has more momentum behind it than it maybe ever has.

With the introduction of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan just over the zombie-crowded horizon, and the community of Alexandria currently overrun, the series left fans with all kinds of cliffhangers in its midseason finale last year. Questions are finally on the verge of being answered though with the show returning this Sunday, and for those of you out there that have been dying to see the continuation of that first scene, you’re in luck.

In honor of the midseason premiere this weekend, The Walking Dead Twitter Account revealed the first four minutes of the episode online today. Check out the footage below:

This scene alone has some pretty memorable lines already, and of course the clip ends right when the guns are or aren’t about to go off. Seeing Negan’s motorcycle gang rob some of the show’s strongest characters blind though should be an impressive way to introduce the iconic villain. After all, if this is what his followers are like, can you imagine what he’ll do when he finally shows up?

The Walking Dead will return on AMC on Sunday, February 14th.

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Alex Welch

Alex Welch

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  • David Johnson

    How many Waterski Ramps will there be this season????

  • Deborah K. Smith

    Daryl is going to knock out/kill the guy at the back of the truck and then he is going to appear with the rocket launcher….well I am hoping they have brought it with them…please let them get back to the rest of the group…I am not ready to loose people right off the bat…