Wayback Wednesday: Buffy The Burger Slayer

By June 10, 2015

Before she was the ass-kicking vampire slayer, Burger King hired Sarah Michelle Gellar to slay McDonald’s and any other burger challenger!

Back in 1981 when Sarah Michelle Gellar was a ridiculously adorable five year-old, she starred in a number of ads for BK that — knowing what we know now — showed some small shades of what she would become later: a BAD ASS vampire slayer with a sharp wit.

“Do I LOOK 20% smaller to you?”

Effed Up Fact: McDonald’s was so pissed off BY said ad, they sued BK and named Gellar in said lawsuit. “I wasn’t allowed to eat there, ” said Gellar. “It was tough because, when you’re a little kid, McDonald’s is where all your friends have their birthday parties, so I missed out on a lot of apple pies.”

What about you; do you have any commercials starring your fave actors from when they were kids? I’d LOVE to see them, so leave them in the comments below!

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Cricket Lee
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  • Andy Spears

    such random information, really interesting at the same time too though 🙂 .. I wonder if BK gave her free burgers to compensate..

  • David Johnson

    What @ClareKramer still holding all her Wendy’s commercials in a bank vault somewhere????

  • Sean L

    wow, she’s been cute all her life 😉

  • Daniel

    lol, Poor Buffy, I bet being banned from MacDonald’s did her health some good at least, even if she wasn’t happy about it at the time

  • Jason

    I wish my kids could get officially banned from MacDonald’s..

    • Lucas S

      its amazing how as a country we have made it socially acceptable, and normal for kids to go to mc donalds as a treat, or even at all. I think under 16’s should be banned from going to somewhere like mc Donalds, and I am not joking! Feed your kids FOOD, not crap! 🙂

  • USAjoe

    Omg she is so damn adorable in that vid! have to go and check out all of her other childhood ads now 😀

  • Katey

    i hate that it is normal to have children’s birthdays in McDonald’s .. Hey here’s an idea, lets celebrate out child’s birthday by bringing him and all his friends to a place that will feed them the food that if they eat enough of over the years will be the main cause of their deaths.. Woohooo America!