Wednesday Weirdo War: TMNT’s Shredder vs. Team America’s Kim Jong-il

By June 3, 2015

We ALL know how evil Shredder is, but did you know all he really wants is to be loved?

Pretty tragic…but who does it better: Shredder, or Kim Jong-il from Team America: World Police?

As they’re both evil and gross, who would you pick as the winner of the “Woe is me” award?

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Cricket Lee
Star Wars fangirl. Named Best Kisser by Time Magazine. CEO/Host: Girl Gamer; host of Gecken: GeekNation; writer: Dread Central. You'll have a crush on me soon. Vote Quimby. Twitter: @crixlee
  • lily

    Yes! You just reminded me how much i used to love watching TMNT every saturday morning as a kid, Shredder was my all time favorite baddy and I firmly believe he could kick Kim Jong Ils ass 😀

    • JessicaKx

      YES YES 🙂

      Shredder FTW always!!

    • Katey

      Shredder would stomp all over poor lil Kim

  • Andy Spears

    why can’t they just get along? 🙂 they are both bad guys, why not be bad together and take over the world..

  • Sean L

    TMNT for life! Even the Baddies are awesome! I’m going with Shredder 100% on this one!