Weekend Roundup: Countdown To Comic-Con

By July 9, 2012

Each week I roundup interesting photos from around the world that have been shared with me on Twitter. Here are my favorites from the past week!

Congratulations to Nicola (@_ophelia) who has a new nephew!  She says “my nephew is extraordinary”… and I agree!  What a cutie!

Jennifer Sylvester (@Jenn_Sylvester) spent her weekend designing the above image with Pink.  She says she wanted to create something that brought out all the different ways that Pink helps people with her music, and all the different qualities about her.  Above is a snap of the artwork, and Jenn says “I need help with a design contest.  Go to this link to vote for me!! http://bit.ly/L21WPQ.”  Done! Good luck Jennifer!

Stephie (@StephCourtnage) spent the weekend at work and said, “Work for me, Clare! Trust me my job is even less glam than urs! 3.5 hrs to go.”  Hope you were able to get out and have some fun Stephie!

And a major trip down memory lane, circa 2001!  At a @StarfuryEvents in London, Marc Munn (@MarcStarkiller) says “Me & Delicious Darla @juliebenz Gorgeous Glory @ClareKramer Hot Harmony @MercedesMcNab Awesome Amy Elizabeth Anne Allen.”  Thanks for sharing Marc!

As for myself, we had some beautiful weather here in Los Angeles.  I started off my weekend podcasting the amazing Jane Espenson for Five by Five… stay tuned as I’m going to be putting that episode up later this week!  Some great “Husbands” talk – and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to convince her and Brad Bell to come back before the Season Two premiere….

Saturday and Sunday, I spent time alternatively sunning myself, swimming in our pool and hopping on and off my iPad attempting to get some work done.  For anyone going to San Diego Comic-Con… can you believe it’s only a few days away?!

Have a great week!  Send me your pics for next week’s #RoundUp and don’t forget to use @ClareKramer and hashtag your tweets #roundup so I can find them!  xo

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