Weekend Roundup: Let the Games Begin!

By July 2, 2012

On Saturday I tweeted out to send me your “extraordinary” Twitter pics from around the world…. And all I can say is job well done!  Check a few out:

From across the pond, Splodge (@Splodgee2) says “Something extraordinary …The Sun shinning in the UK in the Summertime! ..Believe me it’s a rarity xD.”  Yes, Splodge, I concur!

And further east in Rome, Marco Borromei (@mrbartleboom) states “40 degrees here in Rome. Thank god for watermelons.”  FYI, for all you westerners wondering, 40 degrees Celsius = 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  Thank me later.  And Marco, LOVE the tile design behind you!

And from an undisclosed location, @OoohSnap simply says “this one’s for you. :)” Beautiful!

Back to the U.K. for our last roundup pic, Kim Price (@kimp_66) captures the tradition of the Olympic Torch Relay, “#Birmingham Olympic torch! Awesome!”

Thanks to everyone who sent in their Twitpics!  Each week I’ll be creating a post from pics across the globe – so join in the fun so we can celebrate the world’s extraordinary moments!


PS – Be sure to @ClareKramer & hashtag your roundup submissions: #roundup.  🙂

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