Weekend Roundup – Relaxation Station

By August 6, 2012

Each week I send a shout out to all my Tweeps for pics, and this week it was all about the “R” word – relaxation!  How you do it?  When you do it?  Where you do it?  Surprisingly, a lot of you tweeted in pics of your pets – so I surmise that pets help and inspire relaxation! Bring on the furry relaxing friends, along with some other great moments and mentions.

Katrina Anderson aka @zahneel says: “This helps a lot.”  Cute!

@shandymarbles says: “I pretty much do this….”

@timbwatts says: “I don’t know about me, but my dog sure knows how to relax!”  Yes he does, and he’s certainly not shy!

@maniacaldawn says: “This is what my feet are doing right now.”  That looks awesome!

Abbey aka @dobblers says: “I stay home.  Being comfy and alone allows me the much needed time to recharge.  I prefer to read or have movie marathons.”  Abbey, I love that!  What are you reading right now?

Tamela aka @tenindenmark says: “Pizza, movie with my son and his wife.”

Riley aka @riles1979 says: “Lazing on a couch.  I’d share a pic but you’d just see my legs.”

Kim Price aka @kimp_66 says: “Relaxing, what’s that?!  Don’t want to have my picture taken when I’m relaxing in a spin class.”  Ha!  I can relate Kim.

As for myself, we had a busy albeit fun-filled weekend!  Saturday was spent hanging around our yard in the morning, which was super relaxing.  I casually gardened (which means I occasionally clipped a rose bush or pulled a weed) in alternation with lounging on a blanket and reading.  It was awesome!  In the afternoon we paid a visit to Sky High, a trampoline park.  If you’re wondering exactly what a trampoline park is – well – it’s pretty much exactly as it sounds: trampoline walls, floors and a giant foam pit.  We had a ton of fun pretending we were aspiring Olympians. I highly recommend Sky High for burning off some excess energy.

Saturday night we had an amazing, gluten free dinner with some close friends.  Good times, stories, laughs, champagne and some pinot noir thrown in with dashes of psychology and philosophy mixed in with a sprinkling of politics. The conversation of the evening reminded me of one of my favorite Albert Einstein adages, the “Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift!”

Sunday we decided to get out of the city for a while and drive to some favorite haunts.  The canyons were filled with tons of beautiful foliage which was gorgeous, refreshing and yes – relaxing.  Of course the beach was in the mix, as we checking out some real estate on the water as well.

And at 1:31am EST humanity’s curiosity lead to the landing of a SUV-sized rover, Curiosity, on Mars!  What an amazing achievement for NASA and all the individuals involved.  I’ve been glued to NASA’s site, where you can watch live coverage, HERE.

Hope everyone is refreshed and recharged.  Have a great week!  xoxo

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