Weekend Roundup: Things To Be Grateful For

By July 23, 2012

Each week I send a shout out to all my Tweeps for pics, and this week I asked for pics of things you’re grateful for. Like usual, you sent me some amazingly beautiful images that truly moved me. Thank you so much for sharing your lives with me. Here are your awesome #grateful #roundup pics!

Cate Gleason aka @disenchanted247: Vacation in beautiful Oregon. #grateful

@Splodgee2: I’m #grateful for this little creature. She’s been w/me through some tough times&always makes me smile :’)

@Fallon_Christy: My little nephew who is in love for the first time.  So #grateful to have him in my life!

@OoohSnap: I’m grateful I got to go to Comic-Con! 😀

Bunny aka @labunnywtf: #Grateful for my sassy and awesome niece, who talked my mom into buying me a beautiful camera for my 30th bday this week. 🙂 (#grateful my sassy pink haired girl)

Mary Czerwinski aka @Televixen: #Grateful for having my beautiful grandmother still in my life.  She’s 97. Go grandma go!

@Snthomson: I am #grateful for my parents and my job, but I can’t post pics of either online; they’d kill me; lol. Also #grateful for GN!!! (Thanks girl!  Right back at ya with the gratitude!)

Mark Wedge aka @WedgeMark: #Grateful for people because people make the world a better place.

Tamela aka @Tenindenmark: LIFE!

So much to be #grateful in my weekend too! Saturday morning Bri and I decided to take the kids to  Ventura Marina’s Pirate Days!  Save your jokes.  It was super fun but so damn packed!  In fact, it was kinda like San Diego Comic-Con except everyone was cosplaying as Jack Sparrow.

There were tons of pirate type and not so pirate type activities for kids, including digging for treasure, an assortment of jumpers and giant slides, face painting and such.  The kids were going nuts and everyone was very much in the pirate spirit.

And by everyone being in the “pirate spirit” I am specifically talking about the adult pirates that may have been over served.

As we were leaving, the kids and I caught a pirate resting in the grass chatting on his cell.  I jokingly yelled out that “pirates don’t have cell phones!” to which he replied “it’s a shell phone.”  Genius!

Saturday night we hosted a small birthday party for Tom at our digs.  Most of the GeekNation gang came over and we dined al fresco, enjoying Bri’s specialty Texas cooking in the form of a shrimp boil.

Of course in typical fashion, we also sported an assortment of adult beverages to go with every course, which led to some late night swimming and brainstorming of some very interesting ideas!  The late night crew had several long laughs as we sipped beverages whilst floating in the hot tub.  So #grateful for the wonderful people I work with!

Sunday Bri let me sleep in until 8:15am, which is probably the latest I’ve slept in the last two years.  It was awesome!  Sadly, Tom had to get to the airport – but we did manage to do some sightseeing on the way, as we drove to LAX via Santa Monica and Venice.

After returning home the whole family jumped in the pool, which is where we lazed the rest of the day.  Not shockingly, my four year old successfully taught herself to pour from the mini-keg left out after the previous night’s festivities.  Um, apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Then we all went to bed to get ready for another busy and exciting week at GeekNation.

If you want to be included in a future roundup post be sure to send me a tweet @ClareKramer and include the hashtag #RoundUp!

Have a great week!

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