Welcoming New Fans to Wizard World Philadelphia

By June 6, 2012

How many conventions make you feel comfortable enough to run around in boxers?

I go to comic book and science fiction/fantasy conventions quite often. While I enjoy them immensely, many can be overwhelming for friends of mine who are new to certain geeky scenes. Delving into comic book multiverses and longtime TV franchises for the first time can be intimidating enough. Coupled with the many costumes and booths of a major convention, the sensory input can seem a little overwhelming. The situation gets worse  when a convention that is not well organized.

Wizard World Philadelphia, however, was a different story. With many signs and helpful stands to guide you in the right direction, knowing exactly where to go to pick up a pass, head to a panel or explore the dealer floor was no trouble at all. Staffers and volunteers that patrolled the convention were helpful and amiable, more so than those I’ve found at larger conventions.

Bringing a new comic book fan with me, I was pleased and relieved to find that this experience did not intimidate her at all. The dealer floor proved to be a fun place filled with geeky treasures she could easily navigate and neither of us worried that we would have trouble finding each other again if we temporarily separated to check out different things.

Many conventions could learn a few things from the helpful and stress-free set-up of Wizard World Philadelphia. Can’t wait for next year!

Photos by Travis Langley.

Which conventions have proven to be the most stress-free for all you? Tell us in the comments below or through twitter (@GeekNation).

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