We’re Getting A New Full Length ‘Batman V. Superman’ Trailer Very Soon

By February 7, 2016

Hold on to your bat butts, we have another Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer incoming.

According to CBM , a new trailer for the film has been graded and should be here quite soon. The trailer will be full length as it comes in at 2:12. One could have easily imagined we’d get one more trailer before the film releases on March 25th, 2016. The question being, with all the fan rage over the last full length trailer showing too much; will there be anything new in this trailer? Should there be?

Here’s something new; the movie’s Facebook page updated their cover photo will this fine piece of art:


It’s hard for the human brain to process that we will be getting both Deadpool and Batman V. Superman within the next two months. It’s an exciting time to be a movie fan, superhero fan, or human being in general. Don’t get too excited though; it’s highly doubtful we’ll be getting this trailer in tonight’s Superbowl, considering the length of it. Two minutes and twelve seconds would cost roughly the world. Not even Bruce Wayne could afford that nonsense.

Will you watch the new trailer with pure glee or avoid it like the plague? Either way, we’ll have it right here on GeekNation as soon as it drops.

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Mike Holtz
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