What Almost Was: The Nixed ‘Friday the 13th’ Movie Would Have Been An Total 80’s Throwback

By January 28, 2016

How hard is it to make a movie about a dude in a hockey mask who likes to kill horny teenagers? Apparently it’s pretty hard.

Studios would typically rather throw themselves on top of a live grenade than leave money on the table but for some reason they have chosen to do exactly that when it comes to the slasher films of today.

From Freddy to Michael to Jason; they all seem to get stuck in the deepest of development hells. These films don’t cost a lot and rake in decent box office numbers, but for some reason nobody can get them made.

Now we have even more news that makes no sense. Necronomicast spoke with Nick Antosca (Hannibal) who’d been hired to rewrite the new Friday the 13th script when Paramount decided they wanted the found footage angle cut out (thank god, am I right?). This before Paramount scrapped Antosca’s script as well and hired Aaron Guzikowski (Prisoners).

He tells us about the interesting ideas (since thrown out) that he and then director David Bruckner had for the franchise:

(Paramount and Platinum Dunes) had a found-footage draft, and then I came in and did a page one rewrite (to) rethink, to some degree, making it not found-footage. I worked really closely with him. His idea from the first meeting was he wanted (Friday the 13th) to really have likable, real characters, and to be set in the 80’s.

Antosca dared to dream a full on love letter to the 1980’s Jason films we know and love. Even starting with the Paramount logo:

When I was working on Friday, I went back and watched the Paramount ones, multiple times, because that was the spirit we wanted – starting with the 80’s Paramount logo and all that.

Likeable characters, set in the 80’s, a bloodthirsty Jason, a machete and let’s go. Right? Nope, he goes on to confirm this idea is deader than a camp counselor after sex:

Awhile later I heard they decided not to do it in the 80’s. I’m bummed they didn’t do the draft. I’m more bummed that David is not on the project (anymore)

To be fair, there are some rumors out there that the script simply wasn’t very good. Unfortunately, fans will never truly know.

Still yet, it would have been a neat throwback for them to keep the 1980’s logo and tone. Who knows at this point; the studios have killed more modern slasher films than Jason has teenagers. There is hope however as Aaron Guzikowski is a talented writer. We shall see, GeekNation. Keep your machetes crossed.

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