What I’m Thankful For This Thanksgiving

By November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Not only am I thankful of my job here at GeekNation and to all of you who read my silliness and listen to my rants and raves on the The Bloodcast, there’s a few things I’m thankful for today.

So in no particular order (except for the last entry…that’s the thing I’m MOST thankful for), away we go!!

My Xbox

Believe it or not, I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t purchased my first Xbox 360 when I first moved to California three years ago. From Girl Gamer to Dread Central to guest appearances on shows, nearly every gig and close friend I’ve made have come courtesy of Xbox Live.

Comic Books

I shouldn’t even HAVE to say why but comic books in any form, whether it be DC, Marvel, Archie, MAD Magazine or the indie labels are the cornerstone of my life because they provide adventures I couldn’t dream of doing in real life!


This site as pulled my fat out of the proverbial fire SEVERAL times; I’ve found books, clothes, gifts for friends and even GROCERIES here. Although I prefer to buy my comic books at a comic book store, there are times where Amazon’s a great option when it comes to finding great deals on anthologies.

My Friends

My friends are goofballs but they’re MY goofballs. Colleagues and lifelong chums, there’s never a dull moment…like my buddy Chris dressed as Ralphie from A Christmas Story (and me being the first person to recognize the reference) at an ugly sweater party a couple years ago.

[adult swim]

Since its inception in 2001 as just a couple hours of programming on Cartoon Network before taking over the 9pm – 6am time slot, [adult swim] has been a HUGE part of my life.  I knew at an early age that I can’t draw for crap but that didn’t stop me from loving cartoons and animated films.  [as] fills that desire and makes me feel like a kid again.  Anyone who knows me knows that I fall asleep to this channel EVERY NIGHT and have been known to pitch a bit of a fit if the channel is not available in whatever hotel I’m staying in.

Star Wars

I was lucky enough to see the original 4, 5, 6 in theatres as a kid and it made a lifelong impact on me and the way I handle things in my life. The philosophies of the Jedi and the ways of The Force have saved me from making some terrible mistakes in the past and has even prompted some to list “Jedi” as their religion on census surveys. I’d totally be a Jedi but they’re not allowed to fall in love and stuff…so I consider myself a “Jedi-proxy” with a strange obsession for stormtroopers.

My Mom 

(Mom as an extra on the set of Battleship)

Mom is what I’m most thankful for. She came to this country from S. Korea not knowing a lick of English and didn’t know a soul except for my father (who spoke ZERO Korean).  No matter what I was watching, reading or singing as a child, she always encouraged me to do what made me happy.  Once I entered college and it was evident I still loved the same things I did as a child, not once did she ask “Are you sure this is a viable career option?” And as Asian women are KNOWN for bragging about their children’s accomplishments, every time I do something awesome I immediately send her a picture with the caption (that has become a running joke) “Here’s something else for you to brag about!” Secretly, I think it tickles her to tell people “My daughter lives in Los Angeles and works in video games.” Once my parents divorced, my mother’s life started again and now she’s doing what SHE wants to do and what makes HER happy. Her tenacity and drive are a constant source of inspiration; I loves her.

And there you have it! Whether you’re celebrating alone or with family and friends, I hope that your day is as amazing as you make it out to be!

Love youse.

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