What Marvel Didn’t Announce in Their Phase Three Event

By October 28, 2014

Marvel Studios is going to be dominating the discussion on all of the entertainment sites today, and rightly so: they just unveiled Phase Three of their cinematic plan, which included some huge news. Captain America: Civil War is confirmed! We’re getting Black Panther and Captain Marvel standalone movies! Avengers: Infinity War is being split into two films! But despite this influx of news, some fans will surely still be a little disappointed at what wasn’t announced by Kevin Feige and Marvel this morning.

Spidey Avengers

Since this was the first Marvel event of its kind (normally they save their big presentations for Comic-Con), fandom was going crazy speculating about what they studio would announce. I heard a lot of people talking about how they were hoping Marvel would announce that Spider-Man was coming to the MCU, a move that had been rumored in the blogosphere a couple of weeks ago, but one that would prove financially difficult (to say the least) considering Sony Pictures owns the rights to the web-slinger. Fans will have to continue to hold out hope that Sony and Disney (Marvel’s parent company) can come to some sort of arrangement about the future of Spider-Man, but business concerns aside, it definitely would have been cool to see Andrew Garfield walk out on stage and announce that he was going to star in an upcoming Marvel Studios film. (Spider-Man plays a large part in Civil War, the comic book event on which Captain America 3 will be partly based.)

Benedict Cumberbatch 4

Also noticeably absent: a confirmation of yesterday’s reports that Benedict Cumberbatch was close to signing on to star in Doctor Strange. Many expected Cumberbatch himself to make an appearance in Hollywood for the event, but that didn’t happen either. Here’s what Marvel’s Digital Media Executive Editorial Director had to say about that:


So all of those sites who claimed Cumberbatch had already signed on and his casting was a sure thing – looks like you jumped the gun again, just like you did when you claimed Downey confirmed he’d appear in Iron Man 4 (which doesn’t exist). Do I think Cumberbatch will end up playing Doctor Strange? Yes. But is that a done deal right this very second? No. So let’s try to wait a little while before we throw around declarative headlines that aren’t actually true yet, shall we?

There’s a lot to unpack about this morning’s announcements if you’re a fan of Marvel Studios, so I’d recommend checking out all our coverage of the event and sharing it with friends if you dig it.

Be honest: are you a little disappointed that they didn’t announce Spider-Man was going to be in a Marvel Studios movie?

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