What to Watch This Week: VOD & Streaming – 7/01/13

By July 1, 2013

Three new films just made their VOD debut, and I happen to (really) like all three.

A) 100 Bloody Acres — A broad but well-paced and amusing horror comedy from Australia about a pair of brothers who use human body parts to make their organic fertilizer a bit more… juicy. Gorehounds will love the big kills but Acres also works as a clever comedy-of-errors piece and a rather sly satire on the standard slasher flick conventions. Plus it has a really hot redhead.

B) Europa Report — A “found footage” indie sci-fi film that’s both legitimately suspenseful and actually intelligent? Yep. It’s about a deep space expedition that (of course) goes horribly wrong, but Europa Report also has something that a lot of the flashier flicks (Sunshine, Prometheus, etc.) don’t have. But you’ll have to rent the movie to see what it is.

C) Byzantium — Veteran filmmaker Neil Jordan (Mona Lisa, The Crying Game) has never been one to shy away from scary tales — his Interview with the Vampire still holds up pretty well, and his The Company of Wolves is really interesting — and his latest is a satisfying combo of classy sexuality and familiar but still enjoyable vampiress trouble. Suffice to say that two youthful female vampires take up residence is a sleepy English village… and things don’t go all that well.

Those are the newest of the new ones, but genre fans who have a few bucks in their PayPal account can still rent the Elijah Wood Maniac remake, the very well-received anthology sequel V/H/S/2, and the disturbingly alluring American Mary.

If you’re in the mood for a submarine thriller with a cool cast (and you’re willing to overlook some strange accents), you can now VOD the little-seen Phantom, which is actually sorta fun.

New to Netflix Watch Instantly? Disney titles like Mulan, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and (the amazing) Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Also a cheap action flick with a fun cast called Soldiers of Fortune.

Oh, and something called The Avengers. Yes, on Netflix Instant. Watch it again.

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