What to Watch This Weekend: VOD & Streaming – 6/21/13

By June 21, 2013

This weekend at the multiplex you can do monsters, zombies, spaceships, or superheroes…or just stay at home and do everything on your credit card. (Actually, go with the debit card.) Order a pizza, send your kids somewhere, and curl up with some VOD horrors.

First up is a rather incendiary remake of a rather infamous splatter film. Both movies are called Maniac, but only the new one features the normally boyish and charming Elijah Wood as a woman-stalking, scalp-coveting… well, maniac. Basically. This one is NOT your run of the mill slasher remake, so be forewarned that the film is pretty harsh. If you need some more advice, here’s my full review at FEARnet.

[Editor’s note: the original Maniac is streaming for free right now on FEARnet.]

If you crave some clever indie horror that’s not quite so extreme, there’s also the very well-received V/H/S 2, which tosses a great handful of miniature terror tales into one satisfying whole. This one’s OK for the teenagers you may own, but not for the little tots. Again, full review right here.

If you want something a bit more refined but still sorta spooky, check out Chan-wook Park’s excellent thriller called Stoker. It’s about a blossoming teenage girl, a vacant mother, a creepy uncle, and a dead father. Also it’s gorgeous to look at, so go buy a really huge television before you VOD this one. What’s that? A full review! Thanks.

And there’s American Mary, which is certainly the most feminine horror film I’ve seen in a while. It’s also an audacious, disturbing, and intelligent thriller about beauty, talent, betrayal, and frequent body modification. Although certainly not for all tastes, I suspect this flick will be finding new fans for a nice, long time. Plus it was directed by twin sisters! How cool is that? (Yes, full review here. I’m shameless.)

Final options from Instant Netflix (for those who don’t feel like dropping any extra cash this weekend): I always recommend Brad Anderson’s fantastic 2001 “haunted asylum” horror story called Session 9, but that’s been around for a while. You want something sick and twisted? Try The ABCs of Death! (It’s really gross.) How about a brand new movie that’s just called Spiders? Yep, that’s on there. OK, last one: find the intoxicant of your choice and watch a film on Netflix called Branded. Just do it. Tweet us at @geeknation or @scotteweinberg after you finish with Branded. Dear lord!

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