What Would ‘Star Wars: Episode II’ Look Like If It Were Actually Good?

By August 14, 2013

Star Wars Ep. 2 Poster

Episode II – Attack of the Clones was my favorite of the Star Wars prequels, but the film – and, let’s face it, the prequel trilogy as a whole – still has enough problems to fill the void in space where Alderaan used to be. I remember being excited about the Yoda lightsaber fight, though in hindsight, it really doesn’t make much sense. But I was in high school, and I didn’t really care – I was mostly distracted by Natalie Portman’s hotness.

Now, more than ten years after that film hit theaters, the guy who runs a YouTube account called Belated Media has come up with his own ideas for how Attack of the Clones could have actually been a good movie that not only meets the requisite action standards, but also fleshes out characters, builds relationships, and makes meaningful connections between the prequel films that lead into what we knew from the original trilogy. I don’t normally care for this kind of stuff because it often devolves into ranting and more of what the YouTuber personally wanted to see, but it’s hard to argue that all of these changes wouldn’t have resulted in a much, much better film than the one we ended up getting. But don’t take my word for it – watch the full video below.

H/T to CinemaBlend for the find.

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