Why You Should Be Watching ‘Attack On Titan’

By April 26, 2014

Admittedly, I am VERY picky about my anime. I’m not into the breast bouncing and upskirt shots that tend to permeate some of the most popular anime shows around. I prefer shows that are nothing but good storytelling and pure nightmare fuel like “Hellsing,” “Death Note,” and my new love, “Attack On Titan.”


“Attack On Titan” sprang to life in September 2009 as Shingeki no Kyojin on the pages of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine and quickly found an audience who loved the harrowing adventures of Eren Yeager, his adoptive sister Mikasa Ackerman (THAT story in and of itself is heartbreaking) and their friend Armin Arlert, who live in the Shiganshina district (the oval jutting out of Wall Maria) in the year 845, where they’ve enjoyed 100 years of peace.


But it’s all brought down in an instant when a 60 meter high (197 feet) being known as a “Colossus Titan” breaches the outer wall of Wall Maria, paving the way for the “smaller titans” to run roughshod over the town, killing and eating every human in sight: not because they need to eat to live, but in order to wipe out the human race. They’re followed by a second attack on Wall Maria by Armored Titan (above) whose appearance and movements are based on WWE star Brock Lesnar, and who looks kinda like Iron Man and is NOT to be trifled with.

This show doesn’t mess around when it comes to deaths and with that in mind –  after an argument with his mother moments before the attack – Eren witnesses his mother’s demise and I have to admit, it’s really beautiful in its cruelty.

Once Eren and his friends are safely evacuated, he vows revenge and promises to wipe out every Titan he sees. The three enlist in the military and upon graduation, elect to join the Survey Corps (or Scout Regiment): the ones who venture out beyond the wall to fight the titans. They’re stationed to the Trost district, which also juts out into the now Titan-infested lands inside Wall Maria. Things go well at first, but then…


…and that’s where I’m going leave the rest for you to watch!

The reason why I fell in love with (and binge watched) this particular anime is not only because of the vibrant colored nightmare fuel that is the animation, but because it stays pretty damn faithful to the manga series in size, scope, and story. Some critics compare “Attack On Titan” to the graphic novel-turned-hit AMC series “The Walking Dead” and I say those people are DEAD wrong as I don’t recall ever seeing walkers of different sizes in TWD. And while the walkers of TWD eat EVERYTHING, the Titans only eat human flesh and leave the animals alone – but the occasional animal IS killed by either being stepped on or when a Titan sends a horse flying while attempting to grab whoever’s in the saddle – thus strengthening the belief that the non-speaking, emotionally bereft Titans (who mysteriously multiply despite the fact they have no reproductive organs) were sent here to destroy the human race.


If you’re looking for bouncing breasts here, you need to look someplace else – the young female soldiers are built like boys and the adult women who do have breasts are dressed modestly – which, in my opinion, allows for the concentration to go where it should go: on Eren, Mikasa, and Armin.

And although famed director Tetsuro Araki is also responsible for adapting manga series Academy Apocalypse Highschool of The Dead into the wildly popular anime “Highschool of the Dead” (think “The Walking Dead” meets Clueless with extra T and A) with the aforementioned bouncing breasts and upskirt shots I hate whilst battling zombies who’ve invaded the school, I love what he’s done with AoT. Araki is able to take the manga and balance the intense emotional state with bits of humor here and there, which is also why I’m a fan of his other manga to anime adaptation, “Death Note.”

The impact of this show has spawned LOADS of people cosplaying as either a member of the military (Survey Corps, Military Police, Garrison) or a Titan and at this year’s Ultimate Brawl XIV held last weekend in Riverside, CA, dance crew 909 Hip-Hop Dance Troupe showed their love for the show with their number, “The Survey Corps.”

And if all THAT wasn’t enough to convince you, check out THIS epic battle between Eren and said Colossal Titan when they meet again five years after the attack that took his mother’s life.

RIGHT?! And with 25 episodes at 24 minutes each, you can blaze through this with a quickness before season 2 comes out!

The subtitled version of “Attack On Titan” is currently available to watch on Netflix Instant and Hulu. I personally prefer Netflix but if you like regular ad breaks and the ability for autoplaying the next episode without being asked every three episodes if “you’re still watching,” then Hulu is your friend.

An English dub should be hitting [adult swim] at some point, as that’s where the show debuted to U.S. audiences.

I friggin’ LOVE this show and if you trust my instincts, so will you! Let us know what you think if you get a chance to check it out!

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  • Sabrina Jade Howard

    All the aforementioned reasons and many more . . . This is such an amazing show. Seriously one of the best anime I’ve ever watched.

    • Cricket Lee

      RIGHT? I had the same heartpounding feeling watching AoT that I used to get watching The Walking Dead