Will Smith is Executive Producing A ‘Hitch’ TV Series at Fox

By October 23, 2014

Will Smith took some time off from acting a few years ago, but now it appears that he’s finally gearing back up again. He has the con man film Focus coming up opposite The Wolf of Wall Street star Margot Robbie, and he has an offer out to join Fury director David Ayer’s Suicide Squad ensemble film for Warner Bros. and DC Comics. And THR reports that Smith is getting back into things behind the scenes as well – he’ll executive produce a TV remake of his 2005 romantic comedy Hitch for Fox.

Thanks in large part to Smith’s charm, Hitch is one of the better romantic comedies to come out in the past decade, but because the movie is so reliant on Smith and the everyman goofiness of Kevin James, I’m not sure a TV series will work as well with different people in the cast. The TV version is described as “a workplace comedy that explores dating and sexual politics,” which sounds extremely generic to me. But as anyone who has watched TV knows, it sometimes takes a few episodes (or even a full season) for a show to find its identity and settle into a groove, so maybe “Hitch” will be able to ditch its done-to-death premise and evolve into something more original…if it gets picked up at all. There have previously been two attempts to turn the film into a TV series, and neither worked, so perhaps the third time’s the charm for Smith and Overbrook Entertainment.

Networks have gone crazy in the past few weeks with snatching up seemingly every movie property they can get their hands on with the intention of adapting them all for TV, and Hitch is the latest victim of the trend. Expect it to continue for the foreseeable future: once a trend like this gets started, every network will jump on it in fear of missing out.

Would you watch a “Hitch” TV series?

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