Will ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Introduce Characters from ‘Episode VII’?

By September 11, 2014

Everyone’s breathlessly anticipating J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII (it’s going to overtake Avatar as the highest grossing film of all time, right?), but “Star Wars: Rebels” – the animated series coming to Disney XD next month – is also a big deal for Star Wars fans. And thanks to a new quote from producer Simon Kinberg, it may have just become an even bigger deal.

Kinberg spoke with Entertainment Weekly, and even though “Rebels” takes place between Episodes III and IV, decades before the events of Episode VII, there will still be connective tissue between the stories.

It’s a very integrated process, there’s real communication between all the filmmakers because we’re all part of a larger timeline. There is absolutely communication and integration between the different stories. We are very aware of what they’re doing in VII, and we also have to click into place with Episode IV…There are characters, vehicles, imagery that are introduced in the show before we’ve ever seen them in the movies, possibly including VII.

So even though Episode VII doesn’t come out until December of next year (it’s still more than a year away, people!), we may start getting a small taste of ships, characters, or plot elements that appear in the movie as soon as next month’s premiere. That’s one more reason for the Star Wars diehards out there to make sure to tune into every episode of the show. Another reason to tune in? It actually looks pretty solid. Check out the first seven minutes of the series right here.

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  • Everett C Milligan

    The slow leaks definitely don’t seem to hurt. They just get me more excited!