Will ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Premiere Have Multiple Deaths?

By September 7, 2016

Ever since the season six finale for The Walking Dead aired, there have been two prominent questions running throughout the show’s fan community. The first was, why the hell did they not show us who the victim was the bunch of jerks? And the second being: okay, so who did Negan actually kill in the finale’s final moments?

We know that the show’s creative team have gone to some seriously ridiculous lengths to make sure that the victim’s identity is kept secret as well, so whether fans want to or not, it looks like they’re going to have to tune in again to see just who was on the receiving end of that barbed wire baseball bat.

However, it looks like producer and director Greg Nicotero may have just revealed something very interesting about The Walking Dead season seven premiere while speaking with Entertainment Weekly, hinting that there may be more than just one major death in the finale (H/T Comicbook.com).

Here’s what Nicotero had to say when asked whether or not the show’s creative team regretted the season finale’s cliffhanger:

“But I’d say in retrospect, I don’t think we would have changed anything. I would have still supported doing it the way that we did it, because of the fact that the story doesn’t end there. If we would have shown the deaths, then they wouldn’t have felt our characters in season 7 the way they need to. And the thing that I think a lot of people will get out of it is how that moment changes the entire makeup of our universe within a split second. And it’s that moment that launches our entire season 7 into that direction.”

Now, it’s all entirely possible that Nicotero simply misspoke here, but at the same time, it seems like he’s hinting at there being more than one major deaths in the scene with Negan, which plays into some fan rumors that said the cruel leader could very well have turned Lucille on more than just one member of the main crew.

It’s impossible to know for sure, of course, but this should make watching the season 7 finale at least a little bit more unnerving knowing it’s possible that not just one, but two fan-favorite characters could be dead within the first few minutes alone.

The Walking Dead is set to return for its seventh season on October 23rd.

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