Will We See More Female Superheroes on ‘Supergirl’?

By December 20, 2015

There was a fair amount of skepticism surrounding Supergirl before it debuted on CBS. The first trailer was not received well, plus the fact that it was on CBS and not, say, The CW like Arrow and The Flash caused many fans to brace themselves for disappointment. Fortunately, the series has turned out to be quite good and getting stronger every week, delivering standout moments like Supergirl’s fight with Red Tornado and this awesome reveal that no one saw coming. If you haven’t seen it yet, I definitely recommend catching up while it’s on winter break.

So what lies ahead for the Girl of Steel? Now that the series has received a full season order from the network, there are more opportunities to add to the already impressive list of superpowered beings we’ve already seen on the show. I’m certainly hoping we’ll see Red Tornado again, and obviously Martian Manhunter will play a big role in the series going forward. And of course let’s not forget the group of evil Kryptonians led by Kara’s aunt Astra and her husband, Non. Plus there was Livewire (who, ok, was kinda lame) and Jemm. That’s a pretty impressive list for only eight episodes.

In a recent interview (via ScreenRant), executive producer Ali Adler was asked about whether or not we can expect to see more female characters, particularly those with superpowers, on the show:

“We’re actually doing that now in our backorder from CBS, so we’re actually working on that right now. Absolutely. There might be a little twist to that too.”  

God bless vague network speak. “A little twist?” Color me intrigued.

When asked specifically about adding more superpowered women to the show, Adler was much clearer:

“These are all very good questions. Yes.” 

Ok, so we’re definitely getting more superpowered female characters on the show. Excellent. Go team.

As for who these new characters might be, and whether they’ll be on Kara’s side or not, well…Adler wouldn’t say. Of course. Given this show’s love of surprise reveals (seriously, that Martian Manhunter scene was totally badass), there’s a chance they’ve got another trick or two up their sleeve. Supergirl already has a strong core of excellent female characters like Kara (Melissa Benoist is SO good on this show), her sister Alex (Chyler Leigh), and Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart). We’ve also seen the introduction of Lucy Lane, Lois’s kid sister, as played by Jenna Dewan-Tatum. Comic book readers know Lucy has spent some time as Superwoman, so that’s a possibility.

We know for sure we’ll be seeing the villain Silver Banshee at some point this season, not to mention DEO agent Cameron Chase (Emma Caulfield). Might they bring on a character like Power Girl? Obviously Wonder Woman will never happen, but what about Donna Troy? DC Comics certainly has no shortage of awesome female characters, both good and evil, for the showrunners to draw from. It will be very interesting to see who else shows up in National City, and whether they will be Kara’s friend or foe.

Supergirl will return with new episodes starting January 4, 2016.

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