NBC, Sony Look To Revive ‘Witchblade’

By January 23, 2017

Witchblade is coming back to television. And it’s in good hands with two of television’s biggest female producers.

Emmy-nominated Carol Mendelsohn, best known for her work in the CSI television franchise on CBS, has partnered up with The Vampire Diaries showrunner Caroline Dries to give Witchblade another shot at the small screen. And at least for now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, it will find a home on NBC.

Sony Pictures Television has the rights to the comic book, which launched in 1995 by creators Marc Silvestri, David Wohl, Brian Haberlin and Michael Turner. Warner Bros. Television had the rights originally, in turn producing two seasons of Witchblade for TNT starring Yancy Butler in 2001.

Based on the graphic novel by the same name, the Sony Pictures Television drama centers on homicide detective Sara Pezzini, who’s on the hunt for an elusive serial killer and must navigate the grisly streets and police politics of San Francisco’s Mission District – until one day, the bracelet she has worn her entire life gives her supernatural insight into a crime she’s trying to solve.

Her bracelet is the Witchblade, an amulet that has been worn by remarkable women throughout history, and Sara is next in line.

Witchblade could be a potential series replacement for Grimm, which has led Friday nights on NBC for six seasons, and is ending its run this spring.

The comic was published by Top Cows Productions, an imprint of Silvestri’s Image Comics. More than 180 issues of the comic were produced, ending in 2015.

While Sony and NBC already have a group of producers, it’s still too early to talk about casting, or even if it will receive a series pickup by the network. Dries will write the script once she wraps work on Vampire Diaries, which ends after its eighth season this spring.

Dries does have some superhero and comic book cred. She wrote a dozen episodes of Smallville for the former The WB network before joining Vampire Diaries. She also wrote a handful of episodes of the network’s Melrose Place, a spin-off of 90210, itself a reboot of Beverly Hills 90210.

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