‘Wolverine 3’ Will Apparently Include Mister Sinister, First Footage Coming Soon

By September 12, 2016

Right now, very little is actually known about Fox’s still untitled Wolverine 3, which just recently wrapped principal photography. The film is rumored to be a loose adaptation of the beloved Old Man Logan storyline from the comics, and will feature Hugh Jackman’s Logan partnering up with another beloved X-Men cast member in Patrick Stewart’s Professor X, though other than that, the rest remains a mystery for the time being.

However, with X-23 also rumored to be in the film, it looks as though Wolverine 3 will feature the onscreen debut of an X-Men villain that fans have been begging to see for quite a while now, and we have none other than Bryan Singer to thank for the news.

Coming with the X-Men: Apocalypse Digital HD release this week, an audio commentary track with writer Simon Kinberg and Singer featured the director revealing that the film’s Mister Sinister tease at the end was included to prep audiences for Wolverine 3, which basically means we may not have to wait until the next X-Men franchise film to see the iconic villain after all.

The end credits tease of Sinister in Apocalypse was a nice nod for comic book fans as well, since Apocalypse is the one who transformed Dr. Nathaniel Essex into Sinister in the comics, but it didn’t clear up when we would actually be seeing the villain in a film. This also comes after Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston expressed his desire to play the character several months ago also, though I feel like we would have heard something about this if Cranston had been cast in the role.

For those of you out there dying to see some footage from Wolverine 3 as well, it looks like director James Mangold has provided a mini-update on the film, saying that fans can expect to see the first footage sometime “soon,” after responding to a fan’s question on Twitter:

Now, I imagine that with the first footage will come the official title and some plot details finally being revealed as well. Before any of you get too excited, it should be noted that It’s impossible to know for sure if Sinister will actually be the main villain in Wolverine 3 right now though, or if he’ll just be introduced in the film, with a large role to play in the universe sometime down the line.

Nonetheless, many fans have begun to speculate that Richard E. Grant could be playing Sinister  in the film, after his mystery character was described as being a “mad scientist” when he was first cast (a role that could easily be applied to Sinister), and the possible, easy connections they could give to him and X-23 onscreen. Especially after he took that vial of Wolverine’s blood at the end of Apocalypse.

Wolverine 3 is set to hit theatres on March 3rd, 2017.

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