‘Wonder Woman’ Actress Teases Mystery Villain’s Role in the Film

By September 20, 2016

Despite a fairly substantial and impressive debut trailer at San Diego Comic-Con this year, we still don’t know all that much about DC’s upcoming standalone Wonder Woman villain, and specifically, who the villain or villains are going to be in it. Many fans seem to speculate Diana will be taking on Ares against the WWI backdrop, like she has in the comics previously, but no official casting or announcements for the role have been made yet.

One of the more intriguing shots in the film’s SDCC trailer though, was the one above of actress Elena Anaya sporting some kind of prosthetic face piece covering the bottom portion of her face and jaw, with many immediately assuming she’d be at least one of the film’s antagonists as well.

Turns out, those assumptions were right too, with Anaya recently confirming her role as a villain in the film, and what kind of impact she’ll end up having on its story as well, while recently speaking with SensaCine:

“Well, it was a small role in this big ensemble, but it is an important character in the story. It’s directed by Patty Jenkins, then there’s Gal Gadot as our main lead, Chris Pine as her co-lead and I’m going to be… a big nightmare for the two of them.”

So we still don’t know who exactly Anaya will be playing in Wonder Woman, if she’ll be a version of a character from the comics, or a villain created originally for the film itself.

Either way, that prosthetic face piece was one of the more memorable images from the film’s trailer, and seeing what exactly her character’s past is, and what problems she might cause for Diana and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) should be interesting to behold, especially with one of the largest and most ugly wars in history going on at the same time.

Wonder Woman is set to hit theatres on June 2nd, 2017.

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