‘Wonder Woman’ Casts The Queen of the Amazons

By January 15, 2016

DC and Warner Bros. are already in the midst of production on their 2017 standalone Wonder Woman film, after the project’s main cast and a first image of Gal Gadot as the title character in the film had been revealed a few months ago. Now, while Chris Pine has recently confirmed new details about not only his character Steve Trevor in the film, but also the project’s World War I time period, it looks like DC wasn’t done with the film’s cast quite yet.

After Nicole Kidman had been rumored for an unknown role just a few months ago, and Robin Wright had already been cast in the film, many fans believed one of the two veteran actresses would be playing the role of Hippoyta, the Queen of the Amazons, and Wonder Woman’s mother. However, it looks like that wasn’t true after all.

THR is reporting that Scottish actress Connie Nielsen has officially been cast in the film as Princess Diana’s iconic, powerful mother from the comics. While details regarding her character’s role in the film’s story are still being kept under wraps, fans can likely expect to see the character only during the Amazonian segments of the film, before or after Wonder Woman has ventured into the mortal world, and possibly outside as well depending on what directions the story takes.

Nielsen is most well-known for her part in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, in which she played Lucilla, the sister of Joaquin Phoenix’s villainous Commodus, who helps to aid Russell Crowe’s Maximus on his search for vengeance. Her most recent roles include short stints in The Good Wife and The Following, and is set to appear in a slew of upcoming films as well.

While I’m not too familiar with Nielsen’s work outside of Gladiator, she certainly looks the part and has shown she can play strong, independent female characters before, which should make her more-than-perfect to play the leader of large number of Amazonian warriors. In addition to this story too, Wonder Woman continues to become an increasingly interesting project for DC to headline, and should prove to be a much different addition to the superhero genre than we’ve gotten before. With Patty Jenkins at the helm too, fans might finally get the Wonder Woman film they’ve been waiting their entire lives for.

Wonder Woman is set to hit theatres on June 23rd, 2017.

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  • David Johnson

    She was really good in Soldier with Kurt Russell.

  • Antony

    Life long fans of Wonder Woman are most certainly not in the film they been waiting their entire lives for. Those fans don’t want to see a wonder woman carrying a sword and shield. The Wonder Woman in this movie will probably never be seen without them

  • Mark Hadden

    she is Danish not scottish