‘Wonder Woman’ Comic-Con Trailer Looks Like Everything We Wanted It To Be

By July 23, 2016

Kicking off the DC panels today at San Diego Comic-Con, and following the first official poster’s release yesterday, Warner Bro. has released the first full trailer for next year’s standalone Wonder Woman movie and well, it looks kind of awesome. Like the Wonder Woman movie fans have been waiting their entire lives to see.

I’m not gonna waste any time getting to it either. Check out the first trailer below:

Giving new insight into both Diana’s backstory as well as the film’s main story, it looks like director Patty Jenkins has made a movie that not only has kick-ass action packed throughout (that beach fight looks incredible), but has an intense focus on character as well. Diana and Steve Trevor’s relationship looks like it could be one of the strongest we’ve ever seen from the superhero genre as well, and the humor that Pine inserts feels organic, not forced.

Honestly, it looks like the DC universe may be heading in a much better direction now, after getting off to an okay start with both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman.

Wonder Woman is set to hit theatres on June 2nd, 2017.

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Alex Welch

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