‘Wonder Woman’ to Get Solo Trilogy, Films to Pre-Date ‘Justice League’

By October 31, 2014

From having perennially cold feet to now going berserk with DC Comics film announcements, Warner Bros. seems to be putting all of their energy for future projects in the establishment of long-running franchises featuring the iconic comic book characters that rest in their stable. Now, it seems, Warner Bros. is finally ready to seek out Wonder Woman as a mainstream cinematic property, if a new report from an established website is to be believed.

According to Bleeding Cool, Warner Bros. is hard at work prepping not one, not two, but three planned Wonder Woman films starring actress Gal Gadot to fill out their burgeoning DC Cinematic Universe. The report states that the plan is for the first film to take place during the 1920s, with the second film to take place during World War II, all within the same world first established by last year’s Man of Steel and continuing with 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The third film in the supposed trilogy would then catch up to modern times, supposedly after the Justice League has already been established.

The films' iteration of the character will follow her "New 52" origin introduced in 2011, instead of her longstanding one.

The films’ iteration of the character will follow her “New 52” origin introduced in 2011, instead of her longstanding one.

This is definitely an interesting and potentially valuable direction to take the character, for one primary reason: the character’s status as an icon of feminine power. By placing Wonder Woman in the 1920s and exposing her to “Man’s World” in a time where women were still struggling to get the right to vote, it could provide a very effective juxtaposition for the character who arrives from a matriarchal society. Beyond the thematic possibilities, it also has some great potential to fill in some interesting backstory to this DC Universe, especially by the time the narrative arrives in World War II.

This isn’t actually the first time we’ve heard of a period Wonder Woman film either. In early 2007, a day before Joss Whedon had officially left producer Joel Silver’s attempt to get a Wonder Woman film off the ground, the producer purchased a spec script by writers Matthew Jennison and Brett Strickland that took place during World War II. While this was apparently a sign of progress and conceding that the script impressed Silver and his associates, he said that he purchased it because, “It had some good ideas in it but I didn’t want it floating around, so we took it off the market. It was a period movie and I really don’t want to do that.”

It’ll be really interesting to see if this trilogy takes shape, since its definitely a unique direction to take the character. The only other known detail about the DC Cinematic Universe’s take on Wonder Woman is that it will follow the recent “New 52” conception of her origin story, where instead of being molded from clay and bestowed life by Gaea, she will be the daughter of Queen Hippolyta and the Greek God Zeus. Either way, it’s nice to actually be hearing about forward momentum on a Wonder Woman project instead of stagnation, which has been the story for most of this generation’s lifetime.

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