Wonder Woman’s Role in DC’s ‘Powerless’ Revealed

By September 6, 2016

Next year, DC is going to be breaking some new ground in the comic book genre with NBC’s Powerless, a new comedy series set in the DC Universe, following a group of insurance workers who are tasked with taking over the messes left behind by superheroes like some very key Justice League members. While the series itself has been met with mixed reviews up to this point as well, there’s no denying the promise that a show like that inherently has.

While we still have some time to go until the show’s 2017 premiere as well, it looks like the pilot episode even will be focusing on Vanessa Hudgens’ lead character having to deal with a particular mess made by one of the members of the Holy Trinity.

Speaking with DC All Access (H/T Comicbook.com), Hudgens revealed Wonder Woman’s role in the show’s pilot episode:

“The first claim that Emily Locke is working on is one caused by Wonder Woman. Just sets the tone I think.”

The show will follow the insurance workers in the pilot episode as they debate whether or not a mess caused by Wonder Woman can be constituted as an Act of God or not, since she is technically a demigod. In addition to Hudgens though, the show will also star Danny Pudi (Community), Alan Tudyk (Powerless), Ron Funches (Undateable), Christina Kirk (A to Z), and more.

Powerless just recently lost showrunner Ben Queen though, and it’s unclear whether or not that could affect the series’ progress toward premiering next year, though it’s possible the decision came as a result of the series receiving mostly mixed to lukewarm reviews. Considering the promise of a series like this alone, Powerless could still very well be one of the shows to watch out for later this year, if it can manage to overcome some of the obstacles currently standing in its way.

Powerless will premiere on NBC in 2017.

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