‘X-Force’ Creator Reveals His Pick to Play Cable in the Live Action Universe

By January 11, 2016

You know you can really tell fans want a live-action interpretation of a certain character, when he’s already being rumored for sequels to movies that haven’t even come out yet. So when it comes to Cable, the beloved X-Force character, the possibility of a live-action adaptation just seems inevitable at this point. He’s been rumored for practically every X-Men movie over the past few years, and we know that Fox came very close to making an X-Force film at one point.

Now, just a few weeks after the release of concept art from said X-Force film too, the property’s creator, Rob Liefeld, has revealed his dream choice to play the iconic comic book character, and it will likely surprise, and excite some of you fans out there.

Following his Golden Globe win at last night’s award shows, Liefeld tweeted out a photoshopped image of Mad Men actor Jon Hamm as Cable,  showing his support for the actor in the role:

Hamm would certainly make for an interesting Cable, and if the X-Force creator seems to think that he’d be the perfect fit for the role, then who am I to disagree?

With that being said, the more and more that Cable seems to be entering into the conversation, the more likely it seems that we’ll end up seeing this character make his long-awaited introduction into the Fox Cinematic Universe, whether it be in the previously mentioned X-Force film, or a possible Deadpool sequel (depending on how well the Merc with a Mouth’s standalone film ends up doing of course).

I’ll be honest too, the idea of seeing Hamm’s Cable and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool just interacting for an entire film would be enough to make me buy a movie ticket anyways, and hopefully, we’ll be hearing about a possible Cable casting sometime sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, Deadpool is set to hit theatres on February 12th.

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  • zenrei02

    Liefield should work more on his improving his skill at creating an accurate depiction of the human anatomy instead of photoshopping the picture of a winning artist.