Yahoo Might Also Save Canceled Fox Comedy Series ‘Enlisted’ for Fans

By July 14, 2014

Miraculously, the NBC comedy series “Community” managed to escape death again as the show was picked up for a sixth season by Yahoo Screen. And now it sounds like the streaming service might pick up another fan favorite series.

“Enlisted” is a freshman comedy series that debuted on Fox with a terrible Friday timeslot back in January. The show followed three brothers (played by Geoff Stult, Chris Lowell, and Parker Young) on a small Florida Army post and the group of misfits who surround them. It was Stripes with a bit less chaos, and a lot more heart.

The series became critically acclaimed, but didn’t pull in enough ratings to stop it from being canceled in the middle of its first season. The final episodes were dumped off over consecutive weeks last month with a touching and hilarious season finale (with an awesome cameo from “Full House” star Lori Laughlin) that left many wishing the series had survived.


Now a report from The Wrap indicates that 20th Century Fox Television is in talks with Yahoo Screen to save the series. This comes after fans specifically targeted the streaming service to save “Enlisted” after they graciously saved “Community,” bringing them ever closer to the #SixSeasonsAndAMovie prophecy.

Of course, since “Enlisted” barely had a full season for audiences to stick with, it doesn’t quite have the same following as something like “Community,” which had five seasons to build its loyal audience. The ratings for “Enlisted” are even lower than “Community,” but maybe Yahoo sees something that no one else does. Honestly, I’d love to see these soldiers come back for at least one more season.

What do you think? Did you watch “Enlisted” when it was on Fox? Let us know if you’d like to see it make a comeback!

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  • Yahoo Screen, stepping up to the plate! Trying to get in the game with the big boys! Should be interesting to see what kind of presence they end up having in the streaming wars.