Yes, Other Marvel Characters Will Cameo in The ‘Spider-Man’ Solo Movie

By April 8, 2016

When Marvel and Sony announced that they would be partnering together to bring a new Peter Parker and Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seemed like Marvel’s most iconic character was going to be getting the kind of onscreen representation he’s always deserved, surrounded by the other superheroes of the world as well (which is why that rumored Spider-Man movie title is so appealing). Now, after making a brief appearance in the last Captain America: Civil War trailer, it’s seemed like Marvel has lived up their promise here.

Being introduced in another hero’s story as well, Marvel head Kevin Feige has promised that the Spider-Man solo film next year will feature a number of other iconic MCU characters as well, which is kind of a no brainer when you think about it, but comforting to hear nonetheless.

Here’s Feige’s full quote when speaking with EW:

“He is in the universe now, and the fun of the universe is that characters go back and forth.”

Predictably, Feige didn’t go on to elaborate who exactly we could expect to see show up in the film, but I imagine that won’t stop fans from making their lists of dream team-ups anyways. Personally. I’m still waiting on my Punisher and Spider-Man movie. Though, I have a feeling I won’t get to see that happen anytime soon, unfortunately.

It also depends on the stars’ contractual obligations at this point, with the big stars like RDJ and Chris Evans, who only have a few more movies left in their contracts, I imagine that Marvel will want to be sparing in their use of them, even if it would be very cool to see Cap giving Spidey advice at one point during the film. I’d expect some of the newer heroes or lower tier characters to show up in the film if I was a betting man though, like possibly Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man or even Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury.

At this point though, I think fans are just excited to see Peter Parker interacting with the Avengers at all, and it’ll be interesting, based on his character’s arc in Civil War, to see where his relationships with the other characters stand by the time that conflict is over, and how that might affect his place in the MCU moving forward.

Captain America: Civil War will hit theatres on May 6th, with the solo Spider-Man movie set for release on July 7th, 2017.

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