Zachary Quinto Joins ‘Hannibal’

By March 4, 2015

Zachary Quinto’s made quite a name for himself playing creepy evil guys in shows like “Heroes” and “American Horror Story,” along with recently doing the rounds as a good guy with his turn as Spock in the Star Trek reboots — as well as playing Harry in my newest obsession: the NBC mini-series “The Slap.”

Now it turns out Quinto will setting up camp at NBC just a little while longer, as EW has learned that he’ll be reuniting with former boss Bryan Fuller for season 3 of “Hannibal” as a patient of Bedelia’s (Gillian Anderson) for at least one episode at this point. Speculation of just WHO he’ll be is the question on everyone’s lips…I’ve a guess I’m willing to share.

He could be Benjamin Raspail, one of Lecter’s patients who also happened to be a flautist for the Baltimore Philharmonic whom Lecter (allegedly) killed due to “his lack of musicianship ruining concerts” and that he was “sick and tired of his whining” during their sessions. When Raspail’s body was discovered, his pancreas and thymus were missing and it’s believed that Lecter served this to the orchestra’s board of directors during one of his special dinner parties. But Raspail wasn’t an innocent – he told Lecter he himself had killed someone with the man’s head (preserved in a jar of formaldehyde) was later found in Raspail’s storage unit by Clarice in Silence Of The Lambs, BUT Lecter never really believed Raspail did it – he thought it was another…more specifically, Jame Gumb (aka “Buffalo Bill”).

I would say he’s Jame Gumb but I think we’re WAY too early in the game for that but judging from the “death” of Freddie Lounds, fingers COULD be pointed toward Francis Dolarhyde (a.k.a. Tooth Fairy), but that would require Quinto to be around for more than ONE episode.


But as I see that the show’s shooting in Florence, Italy, he could be Chief Inspector Pazzi (from the “Hannibal” book), a corrupt cop who discovers who Lecter truly is and is about to collect on the bounty when he is deftly murdered by Lecter in a stark and brutal imitation of the death of one of his ancestors, Bernardo di Bandino Baroncelli.

What do you think? I’d really love to know!

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  • LesterSDavidson

    im sorry but this guy will never amount to the spock leonard was….

  • my pet sally

    he’s not even that creepy, people get freaked by the simplest stuff like zombies now its crazy