Zack Snyder Teases Darkseid’s Mission in ‘Justice League’

By March 31, 2016

Maybe one of the most surprising things in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was the number of often nonsensical and heavy-handed dream sequences littered throughout, with the most highly-publicized and probably talked about being Bruce Wayne’s possible vision of a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world dominated by a ruthless, warlord-esque Superman with many hints towards the villainous Darkseid packed throughout as well.

Ultimately, the sequence itself didn’t really do all that much for the film’s story, and the fact that it was followed up by an even more inconsequential dream sequence didn’t help either, but in case you were wondering, director Zack Snyder basically just confirmed that yeah, Darkseid is coming, and yeah, he’s probably not coming for good reasons.

During a recent episode of the Empire Podcast, Snyder talked about the film’s extended dream sequences and what audiences should take away from them:

“Let’s just say this, I think it’s OK to look at the extended dream sequence as an impressionistic view of a possible future. And that’s not hard to—I mean that’s in the sequence; I’m not spoiling anything or making up anything that you should see. So the connection with The Flash part of that sequence, you can speculate whether he’s coming from that reality or another one. That’s the fun stuff to try and figure out exactly what Flash is saying to Bruce and what it means. We know, so we’re not making it up.”

Now, The Flash dream sequence is maybe even weirder than the apocalyptic one, and it is well-known that the idea for the scene came about during the middle of production on Batman v Superman, and plays into Snyder’s plans for the Justice League films. I don’t think it’s hard to understand what exactly it is that The Flash is saying in that scene though, and honestly, I think that Snyder believes he’s more clever than he actually is for putting that scene in and heads up: no one really wants to see Superman done that way.

In regards to the post-apocalyptic, nightmare sequence though, Snyder teased what Darkseid’s overall role in the DCCU might be, and the iconic villian’s mission going forward:

“I mean, maybe he exists out in the universe somewhere? He’s looking for something? Something that’s against life?”

For those of you that don’t know, Snyder is referring to the Anti-Life Equation from the comics here, which gives its user the ability to read and control the thoughts of every living being in the universe, and it’s something that Darkseid has played around with quite a few times in the comics. It’s highly likely that his venture to Earth is because the planet and it’s citizens hold a majority of the Anti-Life Equation’s fragments as well.

Whether or not that means the post-apocalyptic future Batman sees is already taken over by the Ruler of Apokolips, is unknown, though it may be an interesting twist if the warlord-esque Superman we see in the sequence is being controlled by Darkseid, who has finally gained control of the Anti-Life Equation. Personally though, I think that the events taking place have more or less been orchestrated by Darkseid, rather than he being able to control the characters themselves.

With both this and The Flash’s dream sequence, I think it’s clear that some way or another, Amy Adams’ Lois Lane is going to die, and her death is going to send Superman down a much darker path than we may like. Maybe he’s just hoping the Man of Steel will do most of his work for him, so at the end, he can swoop in and finally complete the Anti-Life Equation, with as little resistance going against him as possible. At least, those are my two cents.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in theatres everywhere now.

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    You’re right, Alex. Snyder is most definitely not as clever as he thinks he is.