A Great Way To Share GeekNation With Your Friends

By September 19, 2012

Ever wish you could syndicate your Twitter or Facebook to automatically share posts from your favorite websites or blogs? Well, you’re in luck.

TiwtterFeed.com is a free service that takes moments to set up, and then automatically shares content from your favorite websites to your social media accounts. I’m actually excited about this service because I’ve had a few GeekNation followers ask how they could syndicate our content, and I wanted to share this with everyone. This is going to come in especially handy if you are into social media or work in social media for a living.

You simply go to TwitterFeed.com and sign up for a new account.

Then you log in and “Create New Feed.”

You enter the name of your feed and the url of the site who’s content you are looking to syndicate. TwitterFeed then uses the RSS feed for that website to syndicate the content.

Click “Continue to Step 2.”

Then select which social media accounts you want to syndicate the content to.

You’ll have to authenticate your account. I was signed into my twitter at the time, and it all happened automatically when I clicked “Authenticate Twitter.”

You will have to “Authorize app.”

Then you’ll be taken back to this page.

Click “All Done!” and you’re all done. Now sit back and relax and watch the magic happen.

It’s that simple!

You can even go into advanced settings and select how you share your content. Do you want just the title and the link? What about title, description and link? How often do you want Twitterfeed to check the site for new content? Every 30 minutes? Once a day? It’s up to you.

What a great way to share your favorite websites with your friends, family, coworkers and followers!

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