A New Image of the Rebooted ‘Ghostbusters’ Hits Online

By December 16, 2015

Well, it’s happening. Whether you like it, hate it or it makes you want to set your self on fire this Ghostbusters thing doesn’t look like it can be stopped. Sure, fans have raised enough hell to turn that pink slime into the blob. Alas, however Paul Fiege got his way and here we are. Another image has been released via the twitter account of ProtonCharging.com @ProtonCharging – this time with the lady Ghostbusters in full garb, proton packs, jumpsuits (or as I call them overalls with orange tape that don’t look cool) and all.

Check it out.


Here we are in an area complete with loads of dry ice and green lighting (Hey, maybe Slimer will look cool?) in a hotel that sort of reminds us of one our guys toasted up royally in the original. Only with the characteristics of  a Goosebumps movie instead.

Everyone looks pretty defiant. Or lazy.  I can’t really tell. Leslie Jones looks like someone holding a heavy item waiting at the end of a long Christmas checkout line. Kate Mckinnon looks like this movie was so yesterday and Melissa Mccarthy and Kristen Wiig (Who would have been a perfect fit with the old crew in my opinion. Wiig, not Mccarthy) look like Kristen Wiig and Melissa Mccarthy.

Oh and let me just be honest here. The gun end of those proton packs looks like someone stole a car exhaust and taped a toy curling iron on it.  I’m holding back here. I know some people are excited and for those people I’m happy for you.  I don’t think this picture is going to change anyone’s mind either way.

Ghostbusters also stars Andy Garcia, Michael Kenneth Williams, Matt Walsh, Pat Kiernan and Chris Hemsworth and hits theaters July 15th, 2016.

Oh, darn. I have to clean out my sock drawer that day.

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