ABC and Lucasfilm Could Be Making a ‘Star Wars’ TV Show

By August 4, 2016

As Disney has continued to expand a number of their high-profile franchises and properties off of just the big screen and onto television as well, the rumors of a possible Star Wars TV show being in the works have been running rampant amongst the fan community for several years now. Is it possible that we could see a small scale Star Wars show on Netflix for instance? Similar to what the studio has done with their Defenders Marvel shows on the streaming platform?

Well, there’s no word on that front yet, as cool as that would honestly be, but it looks like talks of a Star Wars TV show are happening after all, though I’d probably prefer that it was at a different location.

Speaking at the ABC panel at the TCAs today, the network’s entertainment president Channing Dungey confirmed that there have been talks with Lucasfilm about a possible Star Wars show on the network:

“As a fan, I would absolutely love to say yes. We have had conversations, and we will continue to have conversations with Lucasfilm. It would be wonderful to extend the franchise.”

Variety TV Correspondent, Daniel Holloway, elaborated further on the news as well, saying that Dungey even went on to say that the talks are in the early stages right now, with no definitive timeline in place for when a Star Wars show could happen.

I don’t quite know if ABC has the budget or production value available to make a competent Star Wars show, if I’m being completely honest, and I don’t think you have to look much further for proof of that than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which while becoming a signficantly better show as time has gone on, has also suffered from time-to-time because of budgetary restraints.

Again, I’d much prefer if a Star Wars live-action show went somewhere like Netflix, HBO, or even AMC really, somewhere that could give it the kind of aesthetic and production value to really sell it as a serious show. At the same time though, knowing that there are talks of something like this happening at all, is a comforting step into some great, uncharted territory right now for the property.

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