ABC Developing Series About An America That Lost the Revolutionary War

By September 13, 2013

Thirteen - Flag & ABC

While NBC has their drama series “Revolution” set in an America that went to hell after losing power to all electronic devices, ABC will be using another alternative version of America for a new drama series.

Deadline reports ABC is developing a show called “The Thirteen.” And while you might think the series is simply set during a time in America’s past when there were still only 13 colonies, there’s a twist. The series will instead take place in an alternate universe where America lost the Revolutionary War and are still fighting the British for independence and freedom from tyranny.

Lionsgate Films production head-turned-producer Allison Shearmur and Lionsgate TV are behind the project, making it their second new developing series this week following their sequel series to American Psycho. As for the script, that comes from screenwriters Jim Agnew & Sean Keller, who wrote the Nicolas Cage led action thriller Tokarev.

George Washington Crossing the Delaware

We’ve seen revisionist history in things like Inglourious Basterds (in which the title characters murder Adolf Hitler) but rarely has that concept been explored on the small screen outside of classic episodes of “The Twilight Zone.” This isn’t the only show that involves revolutionary characters: Fox’s new “Sleepy Hollow” series – which hits screens this Monday – sees Ichabod Crane time-travel to the present day.

The question now is whether or not viewers are interested in a period drama series set so far in the past. “Mad Men” has proven to be successful on AMC, but the 1960s are a far cry from revolutionary times. At least the premise is original and has the potential to be thought-provoking, so hopefully audiences will tune in.

Are you interested in “The Thirteen” as a new drama series?

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