Adam McKay to Direct Adaptation of Mark Waid’s ‘Irredeemable’

By May 5, 2016

20th Century Fox may own the rights to a handful of Marvel characters, but the studio looks to be doubling down on their investment in comic book adaptations. Deadline is reporting that Fox has acquired the rights to Boom! Comics series Irredeemable, with The Big Short director Adam McKay tapped to helm the adaptation.

Created in 2009 by acclaimed writer Mark Waid and running for 37 issues, Irredeemable centered around The Plutonian, a figure regarded as the world’s greatest superhero – until he turned against the population and begins slaughtering the citizens of Earth. As he rampages unchecked and bends the planet to his will, a team of The Plutonian’s former allies known as The Paradigm make a pact to stop him – but they’ve got plenty of their own problems to contend with.

Irredeemable definitely has a darker, edgier tone than most superhero fare, but the success of Deadpool should make the studio a bit less reticent about venturing into R-rated territory for another comic book film. Writing duties for the adaptation will fall to Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters scribe Tommy Wirkola, but don’t be surprised if McKay – who wrote Ant-Man for Marvel and snagged an Oscar for his work on The Big Short‘s screenplay – puts a bit of his own spin on things.

No additional information about Irredeemable is available at this time, which isn’t surprising at this stage of the development cycle. Production likely wouldn’t begin until sometime in 2017, so it may be awhile before we learn anything else about the project – but when we do, you can rest assured we’ll keep you updated.


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Brent Hankins

Brent Hankins

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