AdBlock’s CatBlock Goes From Prank To Reality

By September 6, 2012

Meet Michael Gundlach, better known as the developer behind AdBlock for Google Chrome and Safari.

This last April Fools’ Day, Gundlach decided to join the myriad of companies who like to pull a good-natured prank by turning AdBlock into CatBlock, so people who had installed AdBlock on their browser saw adorable cats in place of every ad.

So this…

…turned into this!

As all good pranks go, that should’ve been the end of it…except it wasn’t.  As he planned to delete in on April 4th, because although he’d put four weeks into it, “The code was pretty messy.”

But on the 3rd, he read the surprising number of comments on his initial blog from people who actually LOVED the prank and were willing to give money to keep the kittehs coming.

Wow, um, there’s a lot more demand than I expected for CatBlock to not disappear. So how about this: vote with your dollars. I will make a standalone version of CatBlock and email you when it’s ready if you will support AdBlock with a monthly payment. CatBlock doesn’t have to die! – from April 3rd’s blog post.

After spending the rest of April working out the bugs, CatBlock became a reality. With subscription fees ranging from $5 to $100, Gundlach offers all kinds of rewards ranging from a haiku to drawings made by wife Katie to your very own email address.

Other perks of subscribing to CatBlock include (in his own words):

  1. Users can add their cats to CatBlock for all users to see!
  2. You can replace the default cats with any Flickr photoset
  3. or, replace them with any topic you want from Flickr. Dogs? Ponies? Sandwiches?

Want CatBlock for your very own? No problem! Just hit the official website, move the slider to your selected subscription price, pay with Amazon, Google or PayPal and enjoy! Gundlach quit his full-time job to work on AdBlock so CatBlock’s existence depends on you!

NOW REMEMBER: CatBlock is for Chrome and Safari ONLY, so don’t be raging at your Firefox.

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