Akiva Goldsman To Direct Rob Liefeld’s ‘Avengelyne’

By November 6, 2016


The staggering success of Deadpool earlier this year turned creator Rob Liefeld into something of a hot commodity in Hollywood. And now another of Liefeld’s characters is poised to make the leap from page to screen.

Paramount Pictures has inked a deal for the rights to Avengelyne, according to Deadline, based on the Maximum Press comic series of the same name.

Oscar-winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman will produce the film, and reports indicate he’s eyeing the director’s chair as well. Goldsman is no stranger to comic book adaptations, although some of the items on his resume – Batman Forever, Batman & Robin and Jonah Hex – don’t exactly inspire confidence.

But he also wrote A Beautiful Mind and Cinderella Man, and his producing credits include I Am Legend and Mr. & Mrs. Smith, so it’s a bit of a mixed bag. In more recent years, Goldsman helped Paramount put together a writer’s room for their Transformers franchise, and is currently overseeing the studio’s Hasbro-related projects, including the G.I. Joe series.

Created by Liefeld in 1995, Avengelyne is the most fearsome member of the Warhost, an army of angels that stormed the gates of Hell to challenge the devil himself. But when Avengelyne is tricked into questioning God’s love of humanity, she’s banished from Heaven and sent to serve the people of Earth by fighting against monsters, demons and other evil forces.

Goldsman is currently looking to hire a writer for the film, which is being envisioned as “John Wick with a fallen angel,” but back in 2013, Liefeld planned to write his own adaptation of the comic series as a project for MMA star Gina Carano. While that iteration of the film never got past the early stages, Liefeld spoke about the popularity of his character.

“Avengelyne resonated so powerfully with the audience because her story of redemption is one that is so relatable. A fallen angel, sentenced to redeem herself by serving humanity, Earth is a foreign environment to her, she must adapt in order to save herself as well as mankind. Her dilemma provides humor amidst the larger plot engine driving her journey.”

No word on who Paramount and Goldsman might be interested in for the starring role, but with no writer attached and Goldsman himself not yet confirmed to helm the picture, it may be awhile before we hear anything more about Avengelyne coming to the big screen.

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