‘Alien: Covenant’ Will Not Feature the Return of Noomi Rapace’s Character After All

By February 1, 2016

Anyone else remember when Alien: Covenant was supposedly going to be titled Paradise Lost? Or how it went from being a sequel to Prometheus to now being a prequel to Alien, to back to being a sequel, and now I’m getting a headache just trying to wrap my head around it all. Yeah, it’s been a confusing ride over the past few months.

Despite previous reports linking her to the project as well, and comments from those involved, director Ridley Scott has confirmed that Prometheus star Noomi Rapace will not be reprising her role in next year’s sequel after all. The director is quoted as saying they are still busy casting the film’s main roles. Inherent Vice and Fantastic Beasts star Katherine Waterston has previously been in talks for a role in the film though, and is rumored to be playing one of the film’s newest crew members, so its likely she’s one of these leads Scott is referring to.

Michael Fassbender’s android, David, is set to be the only character from Prometheus returning for the sequel as well it looks like, which is set ten years after the events in the first film and will reportedly follow a group of new explorers that stumble upon the Prometheus planet, running into its sole surviving inhabitant in David. Call it a wild guess though they probably run into some other, unknown, dangerous creatures along the way.

Scott has previously hinted at the film’s Alien connections over the past few months, teasing even more biblical parallels than some of his previous sci-fi outings (in case you couldn’t have guessed it from that failed Paradise Lost title), and will be the second installment in his Alien prequel trilogy.

This is an interesting development though, considering the direction that Shaw’s story looked to be going in at the end of the original Prometheus, and the idea of just David being the only one left alive at the start of the film makes me wonder what could have happened in those ten years between the two films’ stories. Here’s to hoping that they won’t just Alien 3 her at the beginning of the film though because I don’t know if I can take another disappointment equal to that of Hicks and Newt’s deaths in that movie. I’m getting angry just thinking about them.

Alien: Covenant is set to hit theatres on October 6th, 2017.

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Alex Welch

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  • David Johnson

    As long as they don’t Aliens (2) it I’ll be happy. But without Rapace the Prometheus is over!

  • stepstone73

    If they do Alien 3 her, there’ll be riots. Let’s hope it doesn’t go that way.