Amazing Concept Art Released From ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’

By January 28, 2016

A lot of news is hitting the internet, and hard, about Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice and it’s the kind of news, in my opinion, that runs the risk of being TOO MUCH. It’s starting to remind me of what they did weeks out with Star Wars The Force Awakens – endless images, articles and columns ruining tiny surprises from the movie. Especially with Star Wars, depending on your preference, you want to be surprised – learn something about a character during the movie rather than from a article released only to sell more tickets. I feel like the same thing is happening with Batman V Superman. 

For me it started when an Empire article did a write up on Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, during the week where they released a number of magazine covers showing off the heroes from the upcoming, March 25th release. It’s not like I don’t understand what’s going on… I know WB and DC Films want more butts in the seats. But I feel that goal can be accomplished with some magazine covers and a short write up. When they revealed that Wonder Woman was over 5,000 years old, and – at the point of Batman v Superman – comes out of retirement – I couldn’t help but think that would have been an awesome reveal in the movie, given to us through character and story as needed. Again, reading about it takes away some of the fun. As does giving us a still from the movie teasing a huge villain that could appear in future movies.

czlrsq2w0aee69mOkay, I’ll stop being all grumpy-cat about marketing campaigns taking away my fun at discovery inside a movie theatre — bottom line, I get it. In the long run, this is the world we live in; unless a zombie apocalypse happens and we lose all power, big studios will continue to share their most prized possessions via a number of rollouts all over the web as a way for maximum exposure.

However, what I DO LOVE is when studios share concept art as a glimpse behind the scenes at their creative, developmental process. That’s what these new images from Batman V Superman do for me – they show me what the filmmakers were thinking when imagining two Gods coming to blows.

Call it the art lover in me – or the Superhero apologist, but these images really get me pumped up for the World’s Finest’ first appearance together on film.


Superman Batman

SupermanSure, no plot description nor any tease of a legendary DC villain to appear five movies from now (have to look ahead and sell tickets, right?); these images just show you what the movie could look like when put on film; with the artist trying to capture what the filmmaker has in their head. And I love that kind of stuff – the best all time being Ralph McQuarrie’s pre-vis concept art that, really, gave the Star Wars Universe the look we are still seeing today. Granted, DC has decades worth of visual aids to grab from but you get the idea here.

Soapbox aside, I’m not trying to give notes to DC or the marketing teams behind the scenes, just wanting more mystery from my most anticipated movies. Granted, again, I’m not really the target audience – I mean I am… but for me, all you REALLY have to do for me to buy a ticket is show me an image like this with a coming soon tag:



For the rest of you, Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice will hit theatres this March 25th, 2016.

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