Amazon Comments on Why They Didn’t Save ‘Hannibal’

By August 4, 2015

Although fans of the critically acclaimed series would hope they would, Amazon ultimately wasn’t the streaming entity that would save NBC’s “Hannibal” from the purgatory of cancellation.

Many felt that Amazon would be the perfect new online home for the show following the news that NBC wouldn’t be going forward with a fourth season, especially considering that they have a deal in place to stream the show’s first three seasons. This ultimately didn’t happen, and recently at the Television Critics’ Association summer press tour, Amazon executives chose to comment on it.

According to IGN, head of Amazon Studios Roy Price commented on not picking the series up by saying,

We occasionally look at shows that could be revived. Often it’s complicated from a business point of view.

Executives would go on to elaborate about their focus on original programming, saying that their aim is to create content that is wholly original with serious critical potential. Amazon head of comedy Joe Lewis pushed that sentiment forward by saying,

It’s also important […] You want your originals to define your network, and that’s something we think about. It doesn’t mean we would never do it, but we are pretty focused on developing content that says ‘Amazon Studios,’ that speaks to what we want to hand to customers. Maybe someday we will do something different, but right now, that hasn’t come up yet.

Unlike other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Yahoo, Amazon has not come forward to save any other series from the clutches of cancellation. Where Netflix has revived shows like Fox’s “Arrested Development” and AMC’s “The Killing,” and A&E’s “Longmire,” while Yahoo has revived “Community,” and Hulu has revived “The Mindy Project” and will even finish out the run of ABC’s canceled sitcom “Selfie.” Amazon seems less willing to take positions like this, possibly because they’re still attempting to build their brand as a streaming service equal with its competitors. That’s just a guess, though.

While showrunner Bryan Fuller at first seemed optimistic about “Hannibal” being revived at a new home, the show has since released its leading players from their contracts, allowing them to pursue work elsewhere. Whether or not this means that the hope has run out for the adaptation of Thomas Harris’ novels is unclear, but all the “Fannibals” out there will likely be making their voices heard through the various outlets available to them.

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