‘American Gods’ Showrunner Takes On ‘Y: The Last Man’

By November 15, 2016


Add another showrunner credit to Michael Green’s resume. While Bryan Fuller might be too busy with American Gods on Starz to also take on Star Trek: Discovery, his fellow Gods showrunner Green is finding time to adapt Brian K. Vaughn’s Y: The Last Man for a new series on FX.

lost-inset111516Green’s hiring ends what was a rather lengthy search by the cable channel for someone to bring Vaughn’s dystopian graphic novel to life about the final male to walk the Earth. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he will write the pilot with Vaughn, himself a television writer for ABC’s Lost and the former CBS summer series Under the Dome.

Vaughn first published the graphic novel in 2002 with artist Pia Guerra. Vertigo – an imprint of DC Comics – published 60 issues of Y: The Last Man until 2008. The title comes from the chromosome typically associated with man. In the graphic novels, all mammals with this chromosome suddenly die, except for an amateur escape artist named Yorick Brown and his pet monkey.

Because he might be the only hope for humanity’s survival, Brown is protected by a bodyguard known as Agent 355. The project, of course, is far too early for any casting news, but it is possible FX could make a decision on whether to move forward with a potential pilot (or even direct-to-series order) by spring.

Hollywood has tried to bring The Last Man to life for a while now. Popular comics-to-film writer and producer David S. Goyer had a deal with New Line Cinema to make a feature film in 2007, but the rights reverted back to Vaughn and Guerra before anything could ever get off the ground.

Green has made his mark on a number of notable television shows over the years, including The CW’s Smallville, NBC’s Heroes, the short-lived Kings and ABC’s The River. He was part of the producing team from Heroes that earned an Emmy nomination in 2007.

logan-inset111516He’s also been quite busy on the geek movie side of the coin. His Wolverine franchise film Logan premieres in March. Alien: Covenant, which he wrote an early draft of, hits theaters next August. Blade Runner 2049, which he co-wrote with Hampton Fancher, will debut in theaters next October.

Although Vaughn comes in as the graphic novel writer, he also has a strong television resume. He earned a producer credit on Lost in 2009 while penning seven episodes, including Namaste that finally brought many of the heroes together in 1977. He also was the developer of Under the Dome, based on the story from Stephen King, that lasted three seasons on CBS.

Vaughn also would earn an Emmy nomination, his in 2009 as part of the producing team for Lost.

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