Watch the First Five Minutes of American Horror Story: Asylum Now!

By October 10, 2012

Holy mother of all things that is holy….or something!

So, I’m sure you all have seen the onslaught of American Horror Story teasers that FX was putting out over the internet and TV throughout the past few months. And honestly, it was getting a little annoying. I absolutely loved the first season of this “horror anthology series”. By the way, they call it an anthology because the new season follows a completely new cast, with a new story, in a new location.

The first season centered around The Harmon Family. Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott and Jessica Lange lead the fantastic cast and unpredictable narrative to be up there on my best of list in 2011. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an American TV show take a note or two from British TV like this one did. SPOILER: Everyone fucking dies! Who does that in a TV show? Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, that’s who!

Well now, they’re back with American Horror Story: Asylum. This time around, it looks like Jessica Lange and Zachary Quinto are back, and they’re joined by the likes of Joseph Fiennes, Sarah Paulson, Adam Levine, James Cromwell and Chloe Sevigny who plays a character titled “Shelly the Nymphomaniac”. Mmmhmmm say no more!

But wait! Check this out! Right here! Now you can take a peak at the first five minutes of episode one. I already said, “SAY NO MORE!” But fine, I watched. And holy mother of all things holy! As the Facebook page says, “The First 5 Minutes Will Get You Committed. Just Watch.” Be warned, though, it’s kind of a mature audiences sort of thing.

Seriously though, Bloody Face?

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