Amy Adams Talks to Aliens in First ‘Arrival’ Trailer

By August 9, 2016

Denis Villeneuve has emerged as one of the best and most consistent filmmakers of his generation over the past few years. After three back-to-black stunning films with Prisoners, Enemy, and Sicario as well, the director is set to return to the big screen with perhaps his most genre-driven outing yet in the Amy Adams-led sci-fi flick, Arrival.

Also starring Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker, the movie follows a linguistics expert (Adams) who is brought in by the government to communicate with aliens who have recently landed on Earth, in order to try and determine if they come for peace, or for war.

Today, the first teaser trailer for the movie was released as well, and it looks like one this year’s strangest, and most mysterious films. Check it out:

Based on the short story called, “Story of Your Life,” by Ted Chiang, the film is set to receive its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival on September 2nd, before playing at the Toronto International Film Festival and being released theatrically later this November. Sporting an all-star cast and some unique visuals as well, it’s possible Arrival could be Villeneuve’s first film to really break him into the awards circuit this year, after being consistently snubbed for his previous films.

Considering his next film is Blade Runner 2 as well, a long gap sequel to one of the greatest and most beloved movies ever made as well, seeing how Villeneuve’s style vibes with the sci-fi genre for the first time should be a helpful indicator of what fans can expect to see in the sequel. For now though, I’ve been saying it since January of this year, but you’ll want to keep your eyes open for Arrival.

Arrival is set to hit theatres on November 11th.

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