SDCC: An Intimate Sunset Cruise With the Cast of History’s ‘Vikings’

By July 15, 2015

With this year’s San Diego Comic-Con behind us, it has taken a few days for me to fully decompress from the experience, as this year’s convention may have been the most surreal insane experience in my five years attending as press. You see, last Friday I somehow ended up on a boat in the harbor a mile away from the Convention Center. I know what you’re thinking, ‘That’s great Aaron, why do we care?” Let me be a bit more clear, here. I was on a boat getting drunk with the cast and crew of History’s “Vikings.”

For those of you reading this who are unaware, I am a gigantic nerd for the program — now shooting its 4th season — and when I was given the opportunity to hop on a “Vikings longboat” and go for an “intimate sunset cruise” around the harbor, no thought went through my mind other than, ‘HELL, YES!’ This sounded ridiculous in all the best Comic-Con ways. So, on Friday afternoon, I ambled my way over to the meeting spot and lo’ and behold, this is what I see:


That right there, with severed heads a’plenty, is the longboat I was set to board. A crowd soon formed while a few shield maidens took advantage of photo opportunities, and it wasn’t long before everyone showed up. And by everyone, I mean cast members Travis Fimmel (Ragnar Lothbrok), Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha), Clive Standen (Rollo), Alexander Ludwig (Bjorn) and show creator Michael Hirst (Elizabeth, The Tudors). At this moment, press was allowed to reserve their seat on the vessel and then head down to capture some photos. It wasn’t until I re-entered the boat that I realized this experience was going to be silly surreal for me, as I ended up sitting next to Michael Hirst, of all people, for the next 20 minutes.

After a few awkward seconds and small talk, Hirst asked me what I do and when informing him of my status as THE GREATEST INTERNET BLOGGER IN THE WORLD, I briefly mentioned an article I authored making the case that Vikings was better than “Game of Thrones.” And you guys, he read the f***ing article!From that moment on, my professional brain took a vacation, and I reverted into the most obnoxious, googly eyed fanboy you’ve ever seen. Of course, he agreed with me on the sentiment and after a beat, he admitted being tempted to make shirts that say, “F**K DRAGONS!” on them. However, he did not.


As soon as we all hit the water, the crew broke out the beer and wine and soon everyone was toasting everyone else. During the madness that is San Diego Comic-Con, it’s rare to have a moment like this when you can sit and enjoy a brew while staring out the window — still adorned with severed heads, mind you — and just take a breath while taking in the scenery. In the middle of this private moment, I didn’t notice a new person had sat down next to me. Seriously, just take a look at this:


No big deal, that’s just Ragnar and me stone cold chillin’! Things become a blur from this point on, as we’re all drinking and sailing and I realize I am not doing the professional thing by asking the important questions. But at this point it doesn’t matter, because I got a selfie with the Viking king, and the creator of the show projected his disdain for dragons and HOLY SH*T THIS IS MY LIFE RIGHT NOW!

It was a quick 30-minute jaunt around the harbor and soon the cruise came to an end. But not before I grabbed some quick — and quite dorky — selfies with both Katheryn and Alexander.



I suppose you can all just ignore the goofy look on my face as well as my floppy sea hair and take in the glory that are the cast of History’s Vikings.

While the cruise was short-lived, that hour of my life will go down as one of the most surreal and amazing experiences I’ve been able to take part in at San Diego Comic-Con. Both Alexander and Katheryn expressed interest in coming on Pass The Effin’ Remote as guests so stay tuned for updates and ICYMI, here’s the epic season 4 trailer for the show!

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